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Who's Behind The PC Doctors

Perry Shah is the Founder who brought The PC Doctors to life in March 2004. Shortly after Adam Long joined the team, working to help build the company. We are a group of dedicated college graduate students and professionals in the IT field who felt the increasing cost of PC servicing via storefronts such as Best Buy and Circuit City was just not feasible for the average consumer. The PC Doctors is also privileged to have a great and supportive Board of Advisors. 

Staff Facts

Approximate number of employees and contractors: 6
Languages spoken: 4
Backgrounds: East Indian, German, Polish and we are all Americans. 

Perry S. Shah
Founder & Chief Technical Doctor

Perry Shah is a Seasoned IT specialist, with over 7 years of hands-on experience in PCs, Windows (from 3.0 through XP and all the flavors in-between), and DOS. He has extensive applications experience, and an uncanny knowledge of computer hardware, peripherals, networks and internetworking. He has spent the last several years getting education in the graduate university level in computer engineering and has worked on developing deeper skills in the IT field. He has worked hands on with many of clients both in PC servicing and web development and has hence developed infinite patience with user.

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Our basic rates
Free Estimate* 
In-Home PC Servicing: $49.95/hour** 
Drop-Off PC Servicing: $39.95/hour
*Only applies if job is contracted. Otherwise a nominal fee of $19.95 applies.
**$3.00/10 miles applies if outside of the downriver area.

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