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What some customers say about The PC Doctors. 
"Seriously, I was in such a bind that I could have easily have coughed up hundreds of dollars for this job being it was in such a short notice, but instead these guys came to my rescue, got me back up and running in no time and I paid only a fraction of the cost had I hired Best Buy Geek Squad or some other competitor...not to mention neither Best Buy or Circuit City would respond in such short notice. Thanks so much for all your help guys, you really saved the day!!"
Tanvi Bhatt, Project Manager
Windsor, Ontario
"You guys not only are quick and honest, but you take the extra time to actually inform us on how to prevent the problem from arising again in the future. I feel so much more secure using my computer now. The convenience and quick service is far better than any Best Buy or Circuit City could provide!! Thanks so much Perry."
Mrs. Turner, Private Business Owner
Taylor, Michigan
"Man I was so excited when I got the student loan to get a new computer, the only problem was I wasn't sure exactly what kind I needed. I gave the PC Docs a call  and they helped me pick a computer that would suit my needs. They asked me some question about what I would be doing with the PC and they came to a the conclusion that I needed a mid-level PC. They helped me from picking the right computer all the way to the actual buying process so no one would take advantage of my ignorance to the PC world. After that, they helped me set up and configure my new PC and had me up and running in no time. Their total cost for this whole process was incredible, under 200 bucks...I compared that to Best Buy and easily found the personal attention I received from the Docs was big a selling point for their services. I can't thank you guys enough for your help!"
Avi Sudhakar
Grosse Ile, Michigan
"I have used the services of The PC Doctors on several occasions, from solving simple problems to setting up complete systems. They always solve my PC problems, quickly and efficiently, and often when other alternatives, like manufacturer’s technical support, have failed to meet my needs. Their staff is always friendly, courteous, and even fun to be around. I know Perry on a personal level and would easily state he is the most friendly and helpful person I know. He honestly cares for both his friends and clients well being. I would trust them to solve any technical problem I have and wholeheartedly recommend them to others."
Trish Dunne, Business Management Student 
Michigan State University
"We've had an on going contract with you for over 5 years and have nothing but great experiences. From building our website and maintaining it to being on call for any of our computer problems, you've been superior to any other services we've used. You run an honest, professional business and know how to properly treat your cliental. Thank you greatly for your years of help to us."
Dino Demare, Manager of Branford Co-Op (www.branfordco-op.com)
Taylor, Michigan



Our basic rates
Free Estimate* 
In-Home PC Servicing: $49.95/hour** 
Drop-Off PC Servicing: $39.95/hour
*Only applies if job is contracted. Otherwise a nominal fee of $19.95 applies.
**$3.00/10 miles applies if outside of the downriver area.

Please click here for a full breakdown of our Service & Rate Plans.



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