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PC Services: Performed in your home or office.

The following are some of the standard services we offer, along with labor estimates.
Hardware or Parts are extra and will be included in specific job estimates.

Our basic rates
Free Estimate* 
In-Home PC Servicing: $49.95/hour** 
Drop-Off PC Servicing: $39.95/hour
*Only applies if job is contracted. Otherwise a nominal fee of $19.95 applies.
**$3.00/10 miles applies if outside of the downriver area.

Please Click Here if you need an estimate or would like to schedule an appointment.
Service Name
Short Description
Est. Labor Time (hours)*
PC Tune-Up
Check PC Status, Examine for Problems


Additional HDD
Add a new Hard Drive to computer
Additional Memory
Add additional memory (depends on PC)
Upgrade HDD
Replace current hard drive, & transfer all data


Transfer PC HDD Data
Transfer all Data from Old PC to a New PC


Transfer Data Only
Transfer all Data to a New PC exc. OS or Apps


Transfer Data & Apps
Transfer all User Data and Up to 10 Apps
Upgrade OS
Upgrade current OS to Windows XP or 2000
Install New OS
Install new OS on empty system
PC Overhaul
Replace MB, memory, processor and case
Install Scanner
Install a parallel, SCSI or USB scanner to PC
Install Printer
Install a parallel or USB printer to computer
Install Digital Camera
Install a serial or USB digital camera to PC
Dial Up Internet
Setup modem and software for dial-up internet
Broadband Internet
Setup Cable or DSL for internet access
2 PC Wireless Network
Setup 2 PCs on a wireless network
3 PC Wireless Network
Setup 3 PCs on a wireless network
Large Wireless Network
Please contact us for a full quote
Wired Network
Please contact us for a full quote
External Peripheral
Install a miscellaneous external peripheral
Install application
Install one software application
Internal PC Card
Install an internal Card (e.g. Video or Sound)
Upgrade monitor
Upgrade and configure a new monitor
Share Internet
Install and configure an Internet Gateway/Router
Anti-Virus Software
Install and Configure Anti-Virus software
Virus Removal
Please contact for a full quotation
Install Firewall
Setup a software firewall for 1 PC
Data Backup
Backup important data to CD (Max 700Mb)
Ad & Spyware Removal
Install Anti-Ware and remove pests/malware

Let us provide professional PC Services in your home at your convenience!
Here for an Estimate or to Schedule an appointment now.

*Please note estimated times are not guaranteed but given as a ballpark figure. 

PC = Personal Computer
HDD = Hard Disk Drive
OS = Operating System
MB = Motherboard
APPS = Applications

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