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PC Tune-Up: Performed in your home or office.

Much like an automobile, your computer will become slower and start to have problems if it is not 'tuned' regularly. Old temporary files and applications clutter up the hard drive, files get fragmented, and some applications can even spy on your surfing habits, and get in the way of your Internet access.

A PC Doctors PC Tune Up will enhance your computer's performance, and make sure you're fully protected from security threats and viruses. While we're at it, we'll provide recommendations for how to make the most of the hardware and software investments you've made.

The service includes:

o Running Diagnostics to check your system for hardware problems.
o Update virus software and check for viruses
o Check that your PC is secure from unauthorized access
o Delete temporary and trash files
o Remove unnecessary startup programs
o Uninstall unnecessary programs and components
o Check and correct disk and directory errors
o Ensure you have enough disk space for your future usage
o Check your system for spyware and remove any pests or malware found.
o Check your display settings are set correctly
o Overall System evaluation

Let us professionally tune-up your system for peak performance and security!
Click Here to Schedule your PC Tune-Up now.

Note: The PC Tune-Up is service only and does not include any hardware or software.
Approx. Labor Time: 1-2 hrs. (may vary depending upon PC speed)


Our basic rates
Free Estimate* 
In-Home PC Servicing: $49.95/hour** 
Drop-Off PC Servicing: $39.95/hour
*Only applies if job is contracted. Otherwise a nominal fee of $19.95 applies.
**$3.00/10 miles applies if outside of the downriver area.

Please click here for a full breakdown of our Service & Rate Plans.


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